Editor of the Shooting times and Debut Author fo a fabulous book about conservation and birds Patrick Galbraith joins the Maddams cast and makes his changes.


You can get hold of Patricks excellent book "in search of one last song" here. Or better still at the bookshop.


Patrick chose to read a cook book by Clarissa Dickson Wright

Sip a chilled Teo Peppe sherry and nominated the brilliant John Wright as a future guest. 


Thanks as ever to Purple planet music. 



The brilliantly talented Catherine Phipps joins me to change her three things and does so very convincingly despite my getting the name of her new book wrong, constantly interrupting and generally making a hash of things.


You can find out more about Catherine via Insta @ctherinephipps or Twitter @catlillycooks here latest book is available here 

Thanks as always to the brilliant Purple Planet 

Covering favourite forages, farming seaweed, and challenging foraging laws is just the start - Geoff has some well thought out and intelligent ideas.

Here's a link to the Scottish Seaweed farming academy as promised https://www.seaweedacademy.co.uk

The book Geoff chooses is Here he would like to drink a cup of Ivan Chai - made from fermented leaves of the now common plant "rosebay willow herb" his nomination for a future guest is Sarah Watson 

You can find Geoff's highly recommended best selling foraging guides here.

Thanks, as always to Purple Planet for the music. 

Huge thanks as ever to purple planet for use of the theme music for the Pod

It goes without saying that I am massively grateful to Paul from the brilliant and forward thinking Everleaf drinks for his time and sharing his thoughts.

Dan chose a fictional flora of whatever area he was stranded in to read - clever chap - whilst sipping an Everleaf sprits - obviously. 

The nomination is for David A Embury author of this book.


Lynn and her Partner Sandra took the plunge and left the old rat race behind - purchasing a large Highland hill croft - Their story is available in the fantastic new book Our Wild Farming Life 

Lynn has some seriously good ideas on how to improve the world of food and for her final task has nominated Kirsten from the Bothy Bakery would like to drink a nice cold Black Isle Brewery organic "Pale 21" IPA whilst reading and cooking from the Hairy Bikers Curry book.

Thanks, as always to Purple Planet for the music.

Huge thanks to David, you can find out all about the distillery here.

Along with changing the world of food for the better by Increasing seasonality of produce, not calling things something they are not and encouraging more collaboration between local businesses, David would like to drink Scarborough Fair IPA  Whilst reading the Hairy Bikers "Mediterranean adventures"

He also Nominates Kate Bolsham as a future guest - from the Wold top brewery.

Kate joins the show and has some great chat to share, including her hatred of Baked beans. Some novel ideas take shape too, including the idea of banning supermarkets from selling fresh produce, and the removal fo DEFRA from the lives of farmers and landowners. 

This episode is so full of laughs and thoughtfulness in equal measure.

Kate chose Nigel Slater's "Kitchen Diaries" as her book, a "silver circle" gin and tonic as her drink and she nominated James Rebanks 

Thanks as ever to Purple Planett for the free music.

You can find out more about Naomi and her work Here and join her online courses there.

Naomi would like to banish "Franken-Food" make "Dates are not sugar free" a government policy and eat more varieties of more foods.  Ideally, whilst drinking Mescal, reading Jane Grigson and would like to nominate Dustin Hoffman, though I cant see it happening.....


Naomi is also a brilliant author and you can find her books Over here.

Sustainable aquaculture specialist Alistair shares his vision of a more local, seasonal and less wasteful world and talks about his excellent produce - you have to try the smoked halibut! 

You can find out more about Gigha halibut, and order the smoked halibut online here 

The restaurant that Alistair takes about is Inver

River Cottage Veg everyday is available over there

Fyne brewery is here

Thanks as every to Purple Planet for the music

Brilliant episode by the lovely and thoughtful Lucy Brazier, enjoy with a vermouth and soda, and maybe a roaring fire....

Thanks as always to Purple Planet for the music.

You can find out ore about Lucy and what she's up to these days here

Her brilliant Christmas book is for sale here

And the vermouth she talks about is this one 

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