Thanks as usual to purple planet for the music! Huge thanks to Tim Parton for taking part.

Tim chose  The River cottage Family cook book by Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall  as his book and he will imbibe an IPA or a punchy Malbec whilst reading it. 

He is also the Third Tim to appear on the show! 

You can find Xanthe here Xanthe

You can find Dan Barbers book here The Third Plate

And the music as ever is by the lovely folk at Purple Planet

You can find out more about Ant via his website. He has chosen Then third plate by Dan Barber and he would like to drink a Whisky Sour. 

Thanks to Purple planet music as ever.

Great to chat to Stephen March of Pinkster gin for such a fine and vigorous interview, we really covered some ground!

Tim would like to change the world by ending food poverty, making food retail a not for profit sector and bringing back rotational farming.

He would like to have as his cookery book - Fresh and easy by Jane Hornby, drinking a glass of dry white wine and he has nominated Adam Henson to join the Podcast. 

As ever, thanks for the music use go to Purple Planet.

You can find out all about the country food trust here.

This months chat is with old friend and former colleague Steven Lamb, curing and smoking impresario and one of the nicest fellows I have had the pleasure to encounter.

Massive thanks to Steve for his time and sharing his passion, you can find out all about Steven on his web pages over at 

Thanks to for the music.

Huge thanks as ever to for the music. 

To find out more about Jonathan's lovely Norfolk Gin visit 

Jonathan would like to drink a glass of Henry Westons cider from Hereford whilst making a dish of Lamb Korma from "A feast of Floyd" by the legendary Keith Floyd - and who can blame him?

Oliver and I talk trout, water shortages, localism and a little bit about all sorts of food production considerations. 



Thanks as ever to Purple Planet music.

Jane Steward is on a mission to re introduce the archaic Medlar fruit to the kitchens of Britain - and she has some other great things to talk about to.

As ever thanks to Purple Planet for the music, you can find out all about Jane and her Meddling over at Eastgate Larder and the lovely wine she has recommended as her desert island drink is from here Flint Vinyard

You can find out more about Sarah's Fab pies at Why not put jelly in? Sarah spoke eloquently about an mis trust of fussy eaters, a growing unease with the shooting "Industry" and a now vanquished fear of pressure cookers. The book Sarah chose was French Provincial cooking bu the brilliant Elizabeth David and she would be delighted to sip a cup of tea whilst turning the pages. 

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